3 Reasons Why Your Older Self Will Thank You For Your Current Skin Care Habits


Making excuses about skipping a skincare regimen or only taking care of your skin once in awhile will be a costly mistake in the future.

We have all made the excuses: too expensive, not enough time, too tired, don't know how or what to buy. 

The simple truth is that once you understand the truth about skin, you won't believe how quickly the excuses will stop.

A large majority of women never properly discover how to take care of their skin, and we are here to educate you on proper skin care maintenance that can fit into anyone's busy life.

With an enormous amount of products being promoted each day, women must become smart consumers and not fall for marketing gimmicks, eye-catching packaging, or savvy salespeople.

It is possible to improve your skin, soften the signs of aging and even slow down the aging process.

The first step is to understand the skin and what it needs as we age.

Once you understand that, discovering how to maintain healthy skin and prevent it from aging at the rate it normally would based on your genetics and lifestyle.

From birth we are born with beautiful and healthy skin and even a normal skin type. Often we create our own skin problems by using the wrong type of skin care products.

Everyone should be using a basic maintenance skin care regimen.

Usage of these products maintain clean skin and prevent it from getting overly dehydrated, which is the first line of defense in slowing down the aging process.

 If you have skin issues such as acne, redness, flakiness or clogged pores, adding these products to your daily and nightly routine will typically give dramatic results within a few weeks.

We have outlined below a Basic Skin Care Regimen: 


To properly cleanse the face, use a gentle eye makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner.

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face.

Combine the thin eye tissue with the amount of daily pulling, wiping and makeup application, we need to treat our eyes with tender loving care to slow down the aging process.

A gentle eye makeup remover will remove all eye makeup quickly without adding more self -inflicted harm to the delicate eye area.

 A cream, liquid or even an oil facial cleanser without detergents is recommended for all skin types.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or sodium hydroxide will clean your face, but will slowly cause skin problems by removing water from the skin for one example.

Remember, dehydration is the one of the main culprits in aging the skin so choosing a non-foaming cleanser is the first line of defense.

Make sure you select an alcohol-free toner.

It will remove the excess cleanser residue from the skin and maintain a proper ph balance.

Using the toner helps prepare the skin for night cream you are about to apply.

Moisturize and Replenish

Your skin's natural moisture is crucial.

This is what keeps skin soft, youthful, and moist.

Moisturizers are meant to be applied during the day when the skin is most often exposed to the outside elements and hold in as much natural water as possible to prevent our water from evaporating.

The use of a night cream is recommended to replace the water that was lost through evaporation during the day.

A night cream is more refined and can penetrate the skin to replace water and often vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients to the skin that have been depleted over the course of a day.

We talked about the eye’s skin being thinner and more delicate so it needs to be treated differently.

Investing in an eye cream before signs of aging sets in can greatly reduce the aging process over time.


Following a daily skin care regimen consisting of a daily cleanser, toner and daytime and nighttime moisturizers for the skin and eyes before you actually need it is the key to beautiful skin as we age.