3 Tips To Finding The Right False Eyelashes for You Posted on 03 Jan 15:40

False eyelashes can add glamour to any makeup look, whether you want to elevate a natural daytime look or finish off a sultry evening look.

But finding the right lash for the occasion—and for your eye shape—can present a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you get the look you want the next time you browse the eyelash aisle.

Get acquainted with your eye shape

Before even heading out to the store, do some research. It might seem tedious (but imagine how many wrong pairs you will buy if you don’t). First, look at your eyes and compare them against handy maps you can find online.

Are your eyes small? Hooded? Downturned? Almond-shaped? Knowing the specifics of your eye shape and size can help you find the right pair of lashes to fit your eyes.

Once you think you know your shape, look up the brand recommendations from beauty gurus who share your features.

Pro tip: Once you find the pair that you think will most flatter your shape, remember you can always clip it shorter if need be to fit the length of your eye.

Try the beauty cult-classics first

Most likely those beauty gurus you just looked up recommended some of the cult-classics that have already sent the internet abuzz.

Ardell Demi Wispies, for instance, come in affordable multipacks and give you a natural fluttery eyelash look. Testing out a popular pick like the Demi Wispies is perfect for the budget-conscious.

You can always consider splurge items later when you feel confident that you know what lash type you like best.

Pro tip: If the type you like are expensive, don’t worry, you can delicately clean them and re-wear them a few more times!

Consider the event type

There is a big difference in the false eyelash world between a natural look and full-on glam, so consider the event type and the look you are trying to achieve.

If you want a more natural look, stick to lashes that have an invisible band, are shorter in lash length, and have a more “wispy” look.

If you want lashes that add more drama to your look, you can opt for the darker, extra full and double-band options.

But remember: sometimes the lashes marketed for evening glamour might be too dominant for your features or even out of your comfort zone.

Since they will be sitting on your eyes, choose whatever shape and brand is most comfortable for you. Happy hunting!