3 Vacation Essentials


Many choose the holidays as a time to vacation with loved ones, and whether you plan on going to snowy mountains or a tropical retreat, it is equally important to pack some skin-savers.

1. Protect your skin whether you are vacationing in the snow or sand, because both types of elements present the opportunity for skin damage.

Most of us know that wearing sunscreen or products with SPF is important in the summer when we plan on spending a lot of time in the sun, but sun damage can occur on the slopes too.

UV rays hit and affect us even on cloudy days, and the sun reflects strongly off snow, so it is important to remember to pack your sunscreen or SPF foundation no matter where you are heading this holiday season. 

2. Waterproof makeup is a no-brainer for anyone planning on a beach get-away this winter.

It is a necessity for anyone who wants to wear makeup during the day and also wants it to still be on when you get out of the water—but waterproof makeup can be helpful in a colder climate too.

Being bundled up in snowsuits provides an opportunity to sweat, wiping away makeup if it’s not designed to stay in place.

Pack some waterproof essentials such as foundation, primer and mascara for a look that will stay in place all day no matter what activities you have planned.

3, Moisturizing masks can replenish your skin after a long day.

Being exposed to the elements, partaking in physical activities like skiing or swimming, and even cleaning off your makeup at the end of the day can all dry out your skin.

Do yourself—and your skin—a big favor by packing some quick and easy, hydrating masks (such as these here) to pamper yourself with at the end of the day.

Your skin will thank you tomorrow!