4 Foreign Beauty Trends You Should Try


There is much to admire around the globe in beauty trends, and keeping up with new looks and innovative products has become easier and easier thanks to our current global connectedness.

When we think of leaders in the beauty industry, countries like South Korea and France come to mind to us here in the States.

But each culture has its beauty secrets, and we are here to try out and uncover their charms!

Here are some foreign beauty trends you should try:

Facial Mists

Dewy, moist skin is all the rage in countries like Japan as a means to retain or create youthful, fresh skin.

As a country with a passion for skincare, youth is clearly a beauty trend that doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.

And facial mists, a popular product that can help you obtain more hydrated skin, have practical purposes here in the States too.

Take a facial mist with you on the plane, use it to refresh your makeup mid-day, or apply some after a workout for a pick-me-up.

No matter how you use it, facial mists are worth the test-run! 

Cushion Compact

Given that South Korea is a world-wide skincare and beauty leader, many of Korea’s beauty trends make it stateside eventually.

If you haven’t gotten onboard with cushion compact makeup products yet, you should.

Portable, easy to use with buildable coverage, compact cushion products like foundations and blushes have already seeped into the American market.

We here at Skin Pi have gotten onboard this trend, and have a cushion compact product for you to try out yourself if you’d like!

Cleansing Water

French women have been sharing their skin-cleaning secrets for a while now, and one unusual tip that stands out among the rest is their insistence on not using tap water to clean their face because of the potentially harmful additives in tap water.

Many French women use packaged cleansing water products instead; available online, in-stores and at a variety of prices, it is easy to get your hands on this beauty bargain.

Sauna & Cold Bath

Scandinavia loves their saunas for its holistic experience. But if you want to experience it like the Scandinavians do, you have to take the plunge in cold water after the steamy session, and repeat the process a few times for optimal results.

It’s called “contrast therapy” the theory behind it is that it increases (and improves) blood circulation, letting the body flush out toxins and heal. Try this relaxation technique for yourself!