5 Hazardous Myths About Facial Masks

Facial masks are one of the most popular forms of skin care.

Recently, we have heard a lot of false information circling about facial masks- even more specifically, single sheet facial masks.

Today we are going to bust those myths and provide you with the correct information.

Myth #1: Facial Masks Cannot Be Used Every Day

Many women believe that wearing a face mask daily can have adverse effects on your skin.

However, this statement is more of a myth than it is truth. It all depends on your skin, and the quality of the facial mask that you are using.

For example, skin care experts suggest staying away from using face masks daily if you have oily skin that is prone to frequent breakouts.

Wearing a moisturizing mask one to two times per week is safe and effective for oily skin. This will help prevent oil build up and the accumulation of dead skin cells. 

If you have dry or normal skin, wearing a facial mask more frequently is perfectly acceptable. Wearing a moisturizing mask two to three times per week will help brighten and hydrate your skin.

Myth #2: The Longer You Wear The Mask, The Better It Is For Your Skin

For many women, facial masks are part of their daily beauty routine.

In order to keep their skin looking as fresh and rejuvenated as possible, they apply one of their facial masks and leave it on for more than twenty or even fifty minutes at a time. 

Not only is this a waste of time, but wearing a facial mask for longer than 20 minutes can even have the reverse effect on your skin!

Your skin only needs between 10 to 20 minutes to fully absorb all of the healthy nutrients and essence from the facial mask. That is why, after just a short amount of time, your skin looks moisturized and plump.

When you wear a facial mask for more than 20 minutes, the moisturizing effects start to fade, and eventually the mask will start to actually take away moisture from your skin.

So remember, longer isn’t always better. Make sure you remove your mask after twenty minutes.

Myth #3: Peel off? Wash off? Or Sheet Mask? Only One Mask Is The Best.

Sheet facial masks are known for their ease-of-use and mobility. It has become a mainstream skin care product in most of the world.

Consumers have fallen in love the instant results that they provide in such a short period of time and how you can rub in the excess essence for all day or night protection.

Peel-off masks are great for deep cleaning skin, but when used excessively they can result in premature aging of the skin and sagging.

Wash-off masks are much safer than peel-off masks. They can be used on your whole face or just a troubled section of your skin.

However, the downside of wash-off masks is that they are time consuming and require water. Unlike facial masks where no water is needed, and the excess essence can be rubbed into your skin.

Myth #4: It Is Best To Use A Mask In The Shower or Bath

Using a sheet facial mask in the shower or bath is actually one of the worst things you can do.

If you are using a sheet mask, the steam from the bath or shower negatively affects the cohesiveness between the mask and your skin.

As a result, your skin ends up absorbing less of the nutrients that is delivered by the essence of the mask.

The optimal time to wear a facial mask is during the night. Skin care experts say that the night is “golden time” for taking care of your skin since skin cells are fairly active during this time.

Night time application will help your skin maximize the benefits of the mask.

Myth #5: Masking Can Completely Replace Your Multi-Step Skin Care Regimen

While sheet facial masks are extremely powerful skin care product and are great for giving you a radiant complexion they should not completely replace your multi-step skin care regime.

When you use a multi-step skin care regimen in addition to regularly using sheet facial masks,  you really see the benefits of consistent mask use.

We recommend using a moisturizing after using a mask to help seal all of the essence and hydration into your skin for long lasting hydration. 

Using a CC Creme after masking will even further maximize the effects of the mask by locking in the essence and providing protection from the sun.


Now you know the proper way to use facials masks and won’t fall for any silly rumors.

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