7 Days of Makeup Challengaes

There’s no need to be stuck in a beauty rut this time of year.

If you find yourself staring listlessly in the mirror or endlessly scrolling Pinterest for beauty inspo, maybe it’s time to try out a new look.

Get out of your beauty comfort zone and learn more about your facial features by trying our week of makeup challenges.

Remember, to get the most out of this, ponder each day’s task and consider how you feel in this look. Your confidence is what matters.

Monday—5-minute makeup challenge

Monday’s are rough enough as it is, so speed up your morning process to make the day easier on yourself.

Play a fun five-minute song (or two shorter songs) and challenge yourself to get a look done in that time.

You can always bring backup products with you if you feel doubtful about the completed look.

How did it feel to do it quickly? Was it worth having more time in the morning? 

Tuesday—all-natural makeup brands challenge

Don’t worry, there are plenty of drugstore and high-end options available.

This look is meant to help you uncover more information about what exactly is in the products you are wearing, and if you feel that a transition to natural makeup is worth some consideration.

 Wednesday—the forgo something challenge

Lately it feels like a requirement to do all full face of makeup if we are putting on makeup at all.

We are used to doing foundation, eyebrows, mascara, cheeks and lips, rather than picking and choosing.

What about if you did one step and skipped another, does it feel incomplete to you?

Ponder the process and expectations of makeup by doing foundation and a bold lip but nothing on the eyes, for instance.

 Thursday—multi-tasking products challenge:

A lot of makeup is marketed to fix a very specific interest, but women have known for ages that most products are multi-tasking.

Challenge yourself to get your look done in just a few products.

You can use the same lipstick as a blush, and your bronzer can double as eyeshadow, for instance.  

Friday—choose a trend from a different decade challenge

It’s practically the weekend so why not try something fun.

Trying out a trend from another decade helps us stay aware of the endless cycles of ever-changing trends and the role we play in them.

Bring back the 1920’s doll lips, the 1960’s clumpy or drawn on eyelashes, or the 1980’s blue eyeshadow if you are feeling experimental.

Saturday—Instagram makeup challenge

Chosen for today because you’re not at work or school, and might have the opportunity to go somewhere fun.

Trying this look instills some appreciation to the artistry and time it takes to do full glamour, and helps you determine personally if you like having a lot of makeup on or not.

Sunday—makeup-free challenge

Sunday is often a relaxing day for many, so give your skin a break today too. Not all of us are comfortable without makeup on, so if that is you, today might be the biggest challenge of all.

Treat yourself to a day of skin care and rest easy knowing you are being kind to your skin.

What did you discover this week from seven days of different looks?

Did you find something new to incorporate into your beauty routine?

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