A Makeup-Free Month Challenge Posted on 24 Mar 12:08

If you are a makeup-lover like we are, the idea of going without it for a month is probably pure lunacy. And we get you.

But hear us out, this month-long challenge has so many hidden perks.

There are a couple great reasons to try this. Going makeup-free for such a length of time first and foremost is going to teach you so much about your skin and give you time to reflect on how you treat your skin—all the things you expose it to in your environment, how it reacts to the products you use, and what kind of care it really needs. Similarly, it may help actually cure any skin issues that were caused by products but you just assumed was a part of your skin profile. If clearing up your skin somehow isn’t enough of an incentive, think of all the time you will save every day, and the money you will save on products as well! And lastly (but perhaps more importantly), going makeup free for an entire month will build a confidence in you and in your skin, that you won’t even see coming.

If you are now interested in the idea, but a little weary, here are a few tips for making the process a little easier on yourself. Firstly, going completely makeup-free is what we are specifically referring to, but if forgoing your brows or lashes or something similar is too much to ask for, then remember that simply forgoing the foundation and your face makeup routine can herald the same skin benefits (and we won’t consider it cheating). Regardless of which route you choose, think of this challenge as an opportunity to give your time and attention to skincare and grooming so that you feel fresh and put together every day. During this month, your skin will have plenty of time to breathe, so make sure you also protect it from the sun when applicable.


To look most “put together” without applying makeup, each day make sure to groom your eyebrows into place, and curl your lashes for lift and definition without actually adding any products. Applying lip balm and great skincare keeps the skin elastic, youthful and refreshed. Facial sprays likewise might become your best friend throughout this month; the right ones can keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day, especially during that mid-day lag when makeup tends to cover up our tiredness.


 And lastly, go easy on yourself. Don’t pick apart your flaws in the mirror; be kind to yourself and proud of yourself as you notice changes in your skin. This challenge is meant to inspire only more greatness in you; to give you the courage to look at your naked skin in the mirror and realize you are wonderful exactly as you are.