A Rushed Morning Guide

Are you heading to a sleepover tonight, or perhaps woke up a little too late today and have next to no time to get ready for the day? Either way, we got you covered. If you don’t have time to do a full face of makeup, your usual skincare routine or even freshen up, here are some ideas on what to focus on given the amount of products and time you have.


Before reading further, consider what your goal is this morning. Do you just want to feel clean? Or look put together? Are you short on time or short in products? Now let’s get into some tips for each specific need:


I just want to feel clean—if you just want to feel clean, focus on skincare. Use what products you have available to you to feel refreshed. Even if you don’t have time for a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and applying deodorant can have a huge effect. Want to go the extra mile—apply lotion, a quick spritz of perfume, and run some dry shampoo through your locks before pulling it back into a low-maintenance bun, to give you a quick, clean feeling.


I want to look put together—if you want to look refreshed without trying, or putting much makeup on, focus on minimalistic steps to refresh your look. Simple ways to do so include moisturizing your skin for radiance and plumpness, combing through eyebrows with a spoolie for shape, and curling your eyelashes (even without adding mascara, trust us it makes such a difference!). Add a generous amount of lip balm, and you are good to go with a fresh and simple glow.


I am low on products—if you don’t have all the usual products you normally use for your everyday morning routine, don’t forget that often times lots of products have multiple purposes! Cream and liquid blushes and lip products can often be interchangeable, for instance. Also perfume is quicker than a shower (but not a permanent fix), and a ponytail or bun is a cure-all in the hair department if you have absolutely no products or equipment with you to give it a second life.