Are you applying your skincare all wrong?

We want “ageless” skin. And whether that’s possible or not, what we do know is that if there are tricks out there promising to help—we’re going to give it a shot.

If you have a whole drawer full of skincare but aren’t seeing the results you hoped, maybe it’s not the types of products but rather the application that needs some work. Here we have outlined The Basics to always remember, as well as The Specifics on each item in your skincare regime. 

Before we dive into The Specifics of common skin care products, let’s go over The Basics: 

  1. Patting not pulling: applying any skincare product gently is key. Patting products gently into the skin is always preferable to pulling and tugging on the face’s delicate skin.
  1. Use the ring finger for the skin under the eyes: the patting motion is even more important in the under eye area. Use your ring finger (it’s the softest finger) to pat in any eye products.
  1. Apply starting in the center of the face and move outwards: meaning, apply the products to the cheek and T-zone area and spread outwards towards the temples and edges of the face.
  1. Always sweep up: after applying in the center of the face, sweep up. For example, when applying moisturizer, start by adding it to the cheeks and sweep up to the sides of the eye. And use the same technique with the chin area.

Now onto The Specifics. Each type of product has a different application that helps best deliver the good stuff to your skin. For instance, when cleansing or exfoliating, it is best to use circular motions with the tips of your fingers. This massage-like motion is an effective way to get the cleansing products into the pores and exfoliate off rough, dry skin cells.

 Both serums and oils should be patted into the skin, but with different parts of the hand. For oils, gently pat it into the skin using the palm of your hand; for serums, pat with the fingertips. The difference lies in the high concentration of serums, requiring only a light or precise touch, while oils are often applied all over the face similar to moisturizer, and can be helped into the skin by using the soft and big surface area of the palm.

When applying moisturizer (an oil or otherwise), don’t forget to apply some to your neck and chest as well. The neck and upper chest have similar delicate skin to the face and can show signs of aging when left dehydrated or unprotected from the sun. Gently apply moisturizer to these areas. Resist the urge to speed through the process, and apply in gentle strokes up the neck and continuing up the chin for best results.