Are You Using The Brushes You Were Born With? Posted on 06 Mar 15:09

Recently we talked about the intended purposes behind a variety of makeup brushes, while stressing that you, the user, reserves creative freedom to use the tools as you see fit. Similarly, using the hands to apply makeup has been around for just as long as makeup itself and in certain circumstances may be more efficient for your product application. If you are tempted to forgo brushes all together, here are some examples in which you can (and maybe should!) use your fingers instead of brushes.

As a general rule, the consistency and formula of products that can be successfully applied with your fingertips are almost always creams and liquids. Because of the oils your skin naturally produces on your fingertips, your fingers cannot pick up powder eyeshadows for instance without oiling and ruining the surface of the pressed powder. 

Certain brands fill their products with ingredients that perform better with heat too. Coconut oil-based products, for instance, apply more smoothly with your fingertips because coconut oil is a solid at cool temperatures but warms up to a liquid at warmer temperatures. Therefore, you can soften and spread a coconut oil-based cream blush for instance by warming it up between your fingers as you apply it. Take a look at the ingredients in your favorite products when deciding how best to apply it to get the performance you desire.

If you are interested in trying out makeup looks that you can apply with your fingers but worry it will come out looking messy, here are some easy, low-risk looks to try:


  1. A simple cream smokey eye look: Creams have a wonderful ability to blend out, and even wear away and absorb into the skin if layered too heavily. For this look, we suggest choosing two shades—one lighter and one darker—and apply the lighter shade first in the crease and on the lower lash line, and then apply the darker shade on the lower half of the eyelids.


  1. Lip ombre: Ombre lips are more popular in other countries than they are here in the United States, but it is a unique look that is easy to achieve. Take a cream or liquid concealer and pat it all over the lips to give the lips a blank canvas; then apply a cream lip color of your choice to the innermost center of the mouth and blend lightly outwards.


  1. Cream blush: Cream blushes are one of the most fail-proof ways to wear blush because it is rather hard to apply too much. They also blend super well and give off a more natural flush to the skin than powder blushes.