Beauty Trends to Ditch in 2017

Fresh year, fresh you right?

We have all heard of new year’s resolutions and making changes at the start of the new year, and after all the extremes of 2016, perhaps simplifying our makeup regimes will bring us the breath of fresh air we need.

Give your skin a break, and try out a more au naturel look. Here are some alternatives to 2016 trends that can help get 2017 started on the right note.

Over-lined is over-rated

Overdrawn and ultra-matte lips were huge in 2016 for the emphasized pout they created. Many major cosmetic retailers came out with their own version of Kylie Lip spinoffs, because of the buzz her plump lips created.

Although the formulas of many matte lip products have improved, it’s probably about time to give overdone lips a break.

In 2017, opt for tinted lip balms for the perfect combination of hydration and color. But if you can’t stand the idea of putting away matte lips, try out a lip stain instead (after applying a hydrating balm) so that you can retain that all-day color without giving up the real-lips look.

Eyebrows on Fleek

No one can deny that 2016 was the year of the eyebrows.

Everyone got their hands on a multitude of products to perfectly craft some picture-perfect eyebrows. But what’s wrong with what you got?

Underneath all that pomade, powder and brow gel, are a set of natural brows. Save yourself time in the morning and embrace your natural hair.

Using just a clear or tinted brow gel is more than enough to groom and keep your brows in place throughout the day, without losing the sense of your natural and unique beauty.

Contour toooo strong

Liquid foundation, cream concealer, cream contour, followed with setting powder, bronzer, blush and highlight?

Who has time for all those steps?

It’s fun to follow trends, but having a one-size-fits-all approach to your face just doesn’t cut it.

Do less and accomplish more in 2017, meaning, take the time to figure out a more minimalist process that flatters what you’ve got.

Cover up what you want, and embellish what you like, all while still considering your unique features.

We promise you can still have a put-together makeup look without all those steps.