Choosing the Right Mascara

A good mascara is essential to any beauty routine. But with so many to choose, it can be a daunting task when looking for the right mascara.

There are volumizing, thickening and lengthening formulas; bristle, plastic, curved, and straight wands; ones that declump, some even claim to help your lashes grow longer.

So how do you choose a mascara that's natural yet provides some drama for an evening out on the town?

Mascaras have a two-part system: formula and applicator. Brush shape impacts delivery of the formula to the lash, and enables you to reach the smallest lash while being convenient and easy to use.

The two types of wands are the traditional bristle brushes and the more modern molded brushes. Neither one is necessarily better, and the best recommendation is to try several to get a feel for which one delivers the best result for you and your eyes.

Just like hairbrushes, different brushes are designed to provide a different styling effect. Some mascaras claim full charge volume or highly defined lashes. Others tout a curling brush that have curved brushes while lengthening brushes tend to be straight and narrow with more widely spaced.

For volume, look for thicker brushes with denser bristles. In general, brushes with shorter bristles are easier to control.

Application tips

Curl the lashes really well and then apply mascara starting from the roots of the top lashes moving the wand first side to side then upwards toward the end of the lashes.

For an even application, put the wand in the mascara tube again before doing the second eye.

Always apply a conservative amount of mascara and let it dry completely before applying another coat.

Applying mascara to the bottom lashes is a must because it makes the eyes look bigger.

Once your mascara begins to flake, it is time to replace. Or, you may be over-applying a thin formula mascara trying to build volume, and the product wasn't intended for that purpose.

Read the labels and experiment to find the perfect mascara. Personally I use two mascaras: daytime and nighttime formula so depending upon the look I am trying to achieve, they are both at my fingertips.