Choosing Your Spring Break Essentials

It’s spring break season! And we hope you are headed somewhere fun. In the last blog we talked all about skincare you can do before, during and after the plane flight to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh as you travel. But we have the answers to all your packing questions as well, if you are stumped by what to bring or how on earth you will pack all your skincare into a TSA-approved quart sized bag.


If you are attempting to travel out of a carry-on for your trip, our biggest and most life-saving tip we recommend is purchasing a travel bag full of varying-sized bottles that you can fill up with your favorite toiletries. These kind of travel bags were purposefully intended exactly for carryon travel, and can be found online and in multi-purpose home and clothing stores! They are a stress-free tool that let you bring your favorite products with you, within the size restriction that will allow you to breeze through the security line—and the best part is that they are reusable! Clean them out after the trip and refill them with whatever skincare you enjoy in the future.


Another packing tip is to alter your skincare and makeup selection based on your destination and intended activities. If you are heading to a beachy destination, opt for filling up your travel case with sunscreen, skincare, aloe vera and other sun-protecting skincare options. On the other hand, if you are heading on a club or party-heavy vacation, use your travel case to bring products that encompass your night-time makeup, late-night skincare prep and makeup-removing wipes. And if your trip requires both ends of the spectrum, choose products that serve double-duty, as well as products that are powder-based! Powder products don’t have to be included in your TSA bag, and are more varied than you think! For example, you can bring a powder dry shampoo instead of a spray or foam, you can bring a solid perfume instead of a liquid one, and so on and so forth. The less time you are traveling for, the less products you will potentially need. No matter what you are packing for, the versatility of your products can be endless when you are open to some creative uses.


Utilize tools that are designed to make your travel simple, like the TSA-sized reusable bag of various bottles, and tailor your skincare and makeup products to fit the environment you are traveling in.


Happy Spring Break to you all!