Don't Live Your Life In Neutral

Last year was a bold year for subtle color. Makeup was definitely applied to be noticed, but the overall color palette centered on nudes. Nude lips, neutral smoky eyes and cut creases, bronzing, highlighting, and minimal blush all sort of worked together to stay in a neutral lane. 

Decades ago however, with the beginning of color television, fashion and art and homes and-yes, eventually makeup too-was saturated with color. By the time the 80’s rolled around, color became the “it” makeup look. Models and high school students alike wore bright eyeshadow in blue and pink hues, strong blush and even a bold lip color all at once. It was an all-over colorful look—a look very different from how we approach color today in cosmetics.  

Those of us who lived in the 80’s might look back and shudder at the looks that were the status-quo, thinking that the looks in style right now are more flattering or appealing or this or that. But chances are, we will be saying the same thing in a few decades about today’s looks!  

What all these means is, is that trends are always changing. Even in our makeup.

Which brings us to…. is it time for more color in our everyday looks?

It just might be, but maybe not as stark as it was in the 80’s. If you want some easy ways to incorporate more color into everyday looks without going overboard, try out these tips!

  1. A simple makeup look + a bright lip: Using a “normal” (i.e. plain and neutral-colored) makeup look is a key to balance here. Choose one area to add in more color. In this case, opt for a colorful lipstick in colors like mauve, purple, coral or bright pink.
  1. A simple makeup look + a colored mascara: Use a neutral makeup look to start with here as well, and add in your bit of color with colored mascara in a vibrant purple, electric blue, or hot pink.
  1. A simple makeup look + a colored wing eyeliner: After completing your simple makeup look, apply a thick (or thin) winged liner in a metallic silver, forest green, or electric blue color.
  1. A simple makeup look + a colored smoky eye: By following the suggestion of starting with a simple and neutral makeup look, you can be assured that a colorful smoky eye won’t look too intense. Some fun color suggestions include a forest green, shades of orange or a burnt orange hue for smoky eyes.

Are you uneasy about color? Remember that the key to success here is BALANCE. By balancing out the look with simple makeup and choosing only one area to have the pop of color, you are adding color and visual interest to your look without the risk!