Find Your Style Icon

A lot of us use style as a means to express who we are; through colors and silhouettes, small details or over-the-top displays, we try out new things to learn more about ourselves and how we interact with the world. We dress for ourselves surely; but as we do so, we give others perhaps a little insight into ourselves too, and in return we may feel connected to people with a similar style to us. After all, don’t a lot of friend groups dress similarly?


It’s in a similar vein that we come to the idea of a style icon, some sort of fashion role model let’s say. Finding someone with a style or essence that you look up to and connect with is helpful to you in so many ways. From learning about yourself, to seeing patterns in what you like, to creating or editing your wardrobe or knowing what to shop for next, having a style icon can help you navigate questions you haven’t answered yet.



What to look for:

What to look for is pretty easy—what do you admire? When you see a celebrity or meet a new person, what is it about them or their style that pulls you in? Whether you notice it is the way they accessorize, or the colors they wear or how their style matches their personality, if you can pinpoint what it is then you can use them as your style icon!


And if you don’t have someone in mind already, return to the question of “what do you admire” but this time make it about yourself. What do you admire that you can relate to? Meaning, if you want to choose your style icon because they have a body shape you can relate to, or facial features that remind you of your face features, or because they wear a style of makeup that you’ve been wanting to wear yourself—then by all means choose that style icon for you!


How to use it:

Once you have chosen your style icon, find some images to surround yourself with. You can do this electronically or manually, whatever you prefer. One great way is to print photos or clip photos from magazines and make a physical “vision board”. You can hang this board anywhere in your room that you will see it often, and casually and subconsciously you will be saturating your life with the images of what you enjoy. Or if you prefer the technological route, you can pin images on Pinterest to a secret board, save an image to your desktop, or create a photo album on your computer of style icon images that inspire you.  


However you go about it, relating to someone else’s style can be an enriching addition to your life!