Get Your Sweat On This Summer

Summer is here (in the northern hemisphere anyways), and that means there is plenty of good weather to go around. A lot of us have heard of having a “summer-ready body”, but I think the only way we should be getting ready for summer is to be ready to have a ton of fun outdoors!


If you want to take your workouts outdoors this season, here are some ideas:


To cool off: try working out in water. Lap swimming is a wonderful, calorie-burning exercise that uses and strengthens your whole body. And likewise, water aerobics can tone your body while also being easy on your joints, making it great for all ages and activity levels. And if beaches are more your thing, try out surfing if you haven’t already! It may be less continuous of an exercise compared to lap swimming, but it comes with a great view.


To enjoy nature: seek out some pretty scenery to get moving in. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look for a hiking trail in your area. Hiking trails get you into the heart of nature, and distract you from noticing how strenuous you may be working out. Or, bring your yoga poses to the beach. It’s a free and easy way to connect yourself to the universe, exercise—and hey, be at the beach—all in one. But if you can’t get away to a scenic location, try out yoga in your backyard instead, it still counts!


To be with friends: sign up for a class together; there are so many to choose from, both outdoors and inside. You can also organize a group to go biking or running with, or that agree to meet for a pick-up game of basketball or soccer after work.


To beat the heat: opt for workouts that can easily be taken inside if it gets too hot. Exercises that aren’t so location-dependent include pilates, stretching, and weights. Depending on the equipment (or lack thereof) that you intend to use, each of these exercises can be taken inside the house or done in a gym if the weather gets unbearable.


For any of the mentioned exercise ideas, always make sure to stay safe and modify them to fit what you are comfortable doing. Consider the activity level you are looking for—and to be prepared for the heat—the time of day you are working out in. Make sure to apply sunscreen and bring extra water!