"Glamping" Your Makeup Bag

“Glamping” isn’t just a glamourized tent situation while camping—it can refer to glamorizing a few other aspects of vacationing in the outdoors too. For example, some of us like to still wear makeup regardless of how “unnecessary” it seems in certain activities (like camping). Do the bears need to see us in makeup? Of course not. Do we still want to wear it? Yes.


If you find yourself compelled to do a little something while you are trekking the Earth’s natural beauty, here are some tips for beauty that’s easy to take with you.  


How to pare it down: Start by condensing your look down from many steps to few. If you are developing a makeup look that pairs well with sweat and grime (think sports team practice or major hiking expedition), opt for makeup that can come off easily with a cleansing wipe. Tinted brow gel, for instance, grooms brows into place while filling in gaps and adding color—but still comes off with a cleansing wipe. That sort of multi-tasking product is handy when you need a quick and efficient routine.


Lighten the load: If you are backpacking or otherwise carrying all your supplies with you, you will want your load to be light. Opt for products that come in “travel” sizes and keep in mind the weight of the packaging even if you use the whole product. For example, although a cream blush looks more natural, requires no brushes and can double as a lipstick, it is also heavier than a powder blush in some cases. A small traveling blush kit that comes with a brush and mirror may be worth the weight by offering you added things you need such as the mirror. Weigh out the pro’s and con’s of the products you want to bring; opt for the lighter packaging unless the product is too multitasking to pass up.


Feeling clean but looking natural: If the goal is to feel fresher but not look “high maintenance” (that’s a stereotype to take down another day) here is how to freshen up while looking basically makeup-less:

  1. Tinted SPF moisturizer is the ultimate multitasker. It provides sun protection, moisturizes the skin, and acts like a very light coverage foundation if you want the natural look. Perfect for the outdoors.


  1. Lip balm comes in many subtle colors these days and are 100% designed to be portable. Take a few so you have color options or some to spare, but make sure to choose unscented brands that won’t attract the animals.


  1. Blush makes the skin look sun-kissed and adds dimension to the face. (Bronzer can work similarly). Sweep blush over the nose and across the forehead for a sun-kissed look, or apply bronzer to the edges of the face for a slimming effect.


  1. Ditch the setting powder. Powdering the skin looks less natural, and if you plan on sweating anyways, you might as well forfeit to the shine. It will look like a glow in your photographs, I promise.


  1. If you want to wear mascara, stick to the upper lashes only. It will be less to wipe off at the end of the day, and there will be less chance of raccoon eyes as the day wears on.



And enjoy the outdoors!