How Long Should You Be Testing Out That Product?

I think we expect a lot when we first try out a new product. We read the good reviews and get excited to get our hands on it, and when it finally arrives we want to try it out right away. That first time testing it out we are extra aware, are we not? Paying attention to how it feels, how it looks, did the wrinkle instantly vanish, did my pores fill in, are all my problems solved…


Sometimes we don’t get the results we expected, instantaneously. And when we don’t, a lot of us sit in the confusion of deciding just how long to give testing out that product before we pitch it. While every body, every skin type and every product may interact in their own unique way (and therefore have different reaction times), we can suggest a basic guideline of how long to test out a product before you consider it a bust.


Keep in mind, there is both a minimum time and a maximum amount of time you should be trying out a new product. A minimum amount of time of consistent use is often completely necessary to see any long-standing results. For skincare, we suggest trying out a new product for at least a month. The skin regenerates itself about every 27 days, so using a product continuously for a month will ensure you see results in your body’s fresh skin (if there are results to see). For makeup, on the other hand, a few uses is all it should take. One use may be enough for some, but often times trying a different method of application or a different combination of products can create different results, so if in doubt about your new purchase, try it a couple different ways.


If you have been diligently trying out a product for weeks with no results, there is a maximum time to consider too. For skincare, don’t’ bother continuing after two months. If you haven’t seen any results—or the results aren’t as great as another product you love—within the one-month to two-month timeframe, then it’s best to give it up. And for makeup, if you’ve tried it a few times and a few different ways and are unimpressed with the results, consider giving it to a friend to try or put it away for a few months to revisit once more later on.


There are exceptions, of course. Most importantly, if you ever have any bad reaction, wash it off immediately. If you experience pain, sensitivity, burning or itching, this should be an immediate and obvious sign to veto this particular product for you. Use your best judgement; other skin issues such as red rashes, patches of rough skin, and small bumps (enflamed or clogged pores) are signs of a negative reaction as well. If your skin feels uncomfortable, such as too tight, flaky, or stinging, ditch the product.


If there is no bad reaction—in fact, no noticeable difference at all—keep in mind that if it is a skincare product like a face mask, which is not intended for daily use, then you should expect to have to use it several times before seeing a difference.


We hope that you have marvelous luck with all the new products you test out this month! Stay tuned for advice on the shelf-life of your makeup!