How Often Should We Be Masking?

Face masks are without a doubt, very trendy today. Can you think of any beauty guru that you follow on social media that you haven’t seen in a face mask yet?


They are such a desirable, quick-fix solution to troubled skin, with a range of benefits.

But are they essential in skincare? Should we use them sparingly, or incorporate them into our regular skincare routines?


The answer lies in both the properties of the masks and the properties of your skin. Understanding your skin profile can help you not only develop the best skin regime for you, but also help you pick out the cosmetic products that will work with your skin instead of against it.


Consider the type of mask you want to use first. Types typically fall into one of the following categories: exfoliating, pore-refining, brightening, moisturizing, and skin-soothing. You can tell what the type is both by its claims and by its ingredients.  


Any mask that uses strong ingredients (such as the chemical exfoliant AHA) should be used in moderation. In these cases, paying strict attention to the mask time limit and usage per week directions is important. On the other hand, masks meant to moisturize and calm enflamed skin can be used more often. If you want to use a mask more so for the experience than the effects (such as during a girl’s night in!) then opt for a moisturizing or calming mask, or even a sleep-in mask which is designed to be worn for hours on end.


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Let us know which mask you would recommend to a friend, or what mask types you’d like to see in the future! We love hearing from you.