How Stress Can Play Havoc on Your Skin Posted on 02 Oct 09:15

Unfortunately, stress is a part of life and sometimes is unavoidable.

Your stress level can impact the ability of your skin’s natural barrier to heal itself, making skin condition flare ups more likely.

There are a few things though we can do everyday to minimize the side effects of stress and hopefully improve our overall wellness and maintain healthy skin.

The best vehicle is to stop stress in its tracks before it takes over you and your skin.

First and foremost is to eat well daily and stay hydrated.

Eating nourishing foods on a regular schedule is key to healthy skin and don't forget to have energy boosting snacks on hand in between meals.

Sometimes we don't sleep as well when we are stressed, which can result in higher caffeine intake.

Along with caffeine, alcohol shouldn't be increased either to manage your stress.

These chemicals can actually increase the effects of stress. Moderation is the best course.

Try to get enough sleep, which is usually the most challenging during stressful times. Make sure your bedroom is cool and dark.

This can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep deprivation is known to aggravate stress as well as being a stress trigger.

Assess what stresses you out the most. Be self aware to the situations that bring you the most anxiety so that you can better equip yourself to handle them in the future.

Breathe. Take a deep breath and count to ten. This is so simple, but that is only because it works so well.

If you’re feeling stressed in the moment, take a pause, count to ten and refocus your energy on your breath.

Think before you speak. Don't pile on more stress by acting in haste.

The bottom line here is always remember to take care of yourself during good times and more difficult times. You will feel better and your skin will thank you.