How To Ask For And Get The Haircut You Want Posted on 21 Feb 11:42

“When a girl cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life”, they say. And I think whoever they are, they are onto something. Changing a hairstyle, even when it’s not a radical cut or color, can feel empowering. Revamping your appearance brings your attention back to taking care of yourself even amidst all your responsibilities, and taking that time for yourself of course instills confidence and gumption. Whether the change comes before or after the haircut, we can all be in agreement that sometimes walking into that salon feels like a test of trust itself. Even though I’ve been going to the same hairstylist for a decade now, I still use certain tips and tricks to make sure I walk out with the hair style I envisioned.


My first tip for you, is to decide what you want before you head in. If you have something specific in mind far in advance, then it will be easier and you will have more time to look up the correct terms to convey your vision. Consider what you want done. Do you want to dye your hair a new color or follow a trend or try out a new length or explore some temporary dye options? Once you know what look you want, begin looking up the terms people are using to describe that style. For instance, let’s say you love the way Jennifer Aniston has worn her hair for years and want to replicate that look for yourself. A quick google (or Pinterest) search and you will learn terms like “face-framing layers” which will help your stylist know what it is exactly that you admire about that style and what you expect for yourself. Regardless of what you choose, CHOOSING before you get there means you have the opportunity to better explain what you want by looking up the right terms and bringing in reference photos.


Speaking of reference photos, even if you think words have failed you and there’s no way you will get down hairstyle lingo in time for your appointment, remember that pictures speak a thousand words and bringing in enough pictures can be a life-saver. If there isn’t one photo that perfectly sums up your new look—all the better. Bringing in many photos gives your stylist the chance to see themes throughout the photo collection and gain a better understanding of what it is you want. For example, let’s say you envision a choppy, messy, rocker-chic bob that rests above the shoulders, but you worry you might walk out with a “soccer-mom” haircut. Bringing in photos that individually explain the length you mean, and the choppy layered look you mean, and the overall “edgy” vibe that you mean, or even a few photos that come pretty close to capturing it all, gives you the opportunity to sit down with your hairstylist and really hammer out what you mean and what you see when you pinned those Pinterest photos. I have used this tip over and over again to much success, because—after-all, hairstyles are rather visual and bringing in visuals tends to work well for the visual-minded (duh).


Lastly, if you have the privilege of living in one area for some time, pick a stylist and develop a relationship with them. The longer you know and work with each other, the easier it will be to understand each other when the time comes to go for the drastic new style. Here’s to hoping all your hair dreams come true in 2017.