How To Choose the Right Eyeliner

The application of makeup according to the shape of your face or eyes will highlight the features that you like the most and will hide those "imperfections" you do not want to show off. Knowing how to outline your eyes according to their shape and color will give you a balanced and natural look.

Outlined below are the most effective techniques and colors based on eye color. We can help you to get the right look depending on the shape and color of your eyes!

  1. Downturned eyes

How do they look? The lachrymal (where you tear from) is below the outer corner. Just like a sad puppy! The secret on how to use eyeliner for your eye shape is to start the line from the highest point of the upper eyelid, which is usually the center. You will get a result similar to the cat eye.

  1. Almond eyes

How do they look? The lachrymal (where you tear from) and outer corners are at the same height. You can outline them pretty much as you want! Try out different styles, but if you want to play it safe, begin with a fine line from the inside out.

  1. Close set eyes

How do they look? If you drew an imaginary line from one end to another, you would notice that the lachrymal (where you tear from)is slightly below the outer corner. You can outline them with a line that follows the natural contour of their shape. 

Best eyeliner for blue eyes

Blue eyes are not common, and if you have them, the best you can do is highlight those beautiful blue eyes. In order to turn on the baby blue eyes shade, you need to outline your eyelashes with traditional black eyeliner. This will create a contrast and your eyes will look more vivid and open. If black is a little too intense for you, try out a softer tone such as dark gray. Stay away from pink and orange shades! These tones do not match with blue eyes and will make you look sickly and unhealthy.

Best eyeliner for brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes are very limited when it comes to choosing eyeliner colors. Although gray can look decent in dark brown eyes, black is usually the best choice for eyeliner. Most people think that brown eyeliners might enhance their brown eyes, but that can only work with dark brown eyes. Choose eyeliner that has the same shade as your eyes if you really want them to stand out.

Best eyeliner for green eyes

The best shades for green eyes are pink, red (cherry tone), green and purple. Blend them very well to avoid looking tired. Match them with a slight black line on the upper eyelid to get a better result.