How To Help Mom With Her Makeup

One of the most valuable things about knowing people both older and younger, is the amount we can learn from different generations. Just as you may have learned so much from your parents or older relatives, they likewise have so much to learn from you.


If you have noticed they are struggling with their makeup, or if they have asked you for updated tips and your knowledge of current makeup—here’s how you can help and where to start.


  1. Show them Youtube videos. I think this is the perfect introduction for a few reasons. Firstly, it gives a glimpse into what your generation is using, where some of your makeup expertise comes from, and just how much information is out there. This available information also gives them independence with their makeup, because they can watch and develop their own skills instead of you doing their makeup each time. And finally it is a visual aid—and some of us are visual learners—that helps them get a sense quickly of what the trends are today.


  1. Teach them about the purposes of the different brushes, and which products they can apply with their fingers if that’s what they like. This idea is about encouraging and developing good techniques, with which they can create any look they want.


  1. Show them what the updated or current looks are. They probably got a sense from the Youtube tutorials, but you can show them a variety of Pinterest or Instagram photos as well. The important thing here is the explain the appeal or idea behind the looks as much as possible; for example, explaining that the matte overdrawn lip trend last year was about making the lips look bigger and fuller because that was what was popular in pop culture at the time. This kind of insight makes trends seem less foreign and more approachable for a generation that probably feels excluded from a youth-dominated industry.


  1. Help them sneak skincare into their makeup for their aging skin. If they don’t have a great skincare regimen, this is a great time to sneak it in there. Tell them to mix equal parts of a moisturizer with a foundation, for a more natural coverage that will be less likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, as well actually moisturize and help the skin.


  1. Play M.U.A. for a day and show them what you can do! Offer to do their makeup for them. Ask for input about what they like and try to create a look they might enjoy. And if they do end up liking it, then do it again the next day or occasion and teach them how you did it so they can do it themselves!