I Spy Eye Creams

Advice I hear constantly is that it is never too early to begin healthy skincare habits, and that goes for your eyes too! And if you have already noticed any signs of the trio of unwanted eye conditions—dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles—then it’s even more important to start shopping for an eye cream that works for you.


…And there are lots of them. So how do we know what to choose? Let us help you sift through the options based on your needs:


1.Dark circles—dark circles are caused by a whole plethora of things, not just lack of sleep. Although lack of sleep can be an effective trigger of dark under eye circles, other triggers include alcohol consumption, allergies, heredity, stress, oversleeping and excessive salt or sun exposure. So, just about everything! While it would be most effective to pinpoint the cause of your dark circles in order to choose the best solution for you, if you can’t determine the cause then starting with an eye cream may help. When looking for an eye cream to treat dark circles, opt for one with Vitamin K or peptides. Olay’s Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream, for example, is designed to brighten dark circles with an “illuminizer” finish, but also has niacinamide in its formula which is designed to work on those dark eye circles over time too.


2.Puffiness—puffiness under or around the eyes are likewise caused by many factors.  Genetics, salty foods, and age all play their parts. Some researchers believe age is the most important component of permanent eye bags because the eye area is made up of skin muscles and fat and these tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelid weaken with age, creating a dropping effect with the fat surrounding the eye (which is there to protect the eye!). If your puffiness is temporary and due to a wild night out, per say, then opt for cooling, rollerball treatments, such as Pixi by Petra’s 24K Eye Elixer. And if eye bags are a more permanent accessory of yours, try a cream designed to work over time, such as 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, which utilizes caffeine to tighten, de-puff, and reduce swelling.


3.Wrinkles—wrinkles are a feature we tend to associate with getting older, but in fact wrinkles around the eyes can be caused by many factors that can occur at any age. You may see signs of wrinkles around the eyes due to age, sun damage, smoking habits, sleeping on your side—or even smiling! Just as face movements like smiling can give us “smile line” wrinkles, face movements can also give us wrinkles around the eyes. But it would be absurd to think of never smiling again—so instead here are some creams to prevent or treat wrinkles. Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm has vitamins A, C and E which are all great wrinkle fighters and skin smoothers. Other ingredients to look for include retinol, a Vitamin A derivative that helps stimulate collagen production. To not further exacerbate the wrinkles, make sure to pat in the creams with your ring finger as opposed to rubbing and tugging the delicate eye area.