Introducing Skin Pi's Newest Addition: The Lip Elixir

We here at Skin Pi want to blur the lines between makeup and skincare; we think that the products you love to use should not only effectively create the looks you want to achieve, but they should also better your skin the more you use them.


So we are happy to introduce to you our newest product, the Lip Elixir. Skin Pi’s Lip Elixir is a colored lip treatment that not only gives your lips a splash of color, but also nourishes and plumps them at the same time to keep them looking and feeling their best.


Available in a selection of 8 shades ranging from pinky nudes to berry reds, the Lip Elixir will become your go-to, every day lippie. It has buildable pigmentation thanks to the sponge cone applicator, depositing the perfect amount of product softly onto your lips. This mess-free and travel-friendly formula makes taking care of your lips a breeze.


And the best part? The ingredients were specifically chosen with the health of your skin in mind. Our unique formula blends some of the most moisturizing ingredients available—Shea butter, Squalene and Castor oil—each known for smoothing, repairing and conditioning the skin.  And the power player, Hyaluronic Acid, helps your skin replenish and retain its natural level of moisture in the quickest amount of time possible, improving collagen vitality in dry or aging skin, and aiding cell nutrient absorption and cell turnover. We also add in Tocopheryl Acetate, otherwise known as Vitamin E, to delay cell aging, prevent scars, and reduce age spots on lips.


If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, we also made sure that the color-creating ingredients are safe for you too. We utilized five essential oils (rose, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender and ylang-ylang) and two aromatic ingredients (peach and jasmine) for a lip experience as sweet as you.


Stay tuned for our product launch!