Is Permanent Makeup The Future Of Cosmetics?

As things stand right now, makeup is temporary and that may be much of its appeal. You can swipe on and swipe off any look that suits your fancy, letting us grow up and experiment with who we are through our appearance.

But makeup has crossed into a more permanent world only recently. If you have sparse brows from birth, over-plucking or otherwise, you can spend every day filling them in with makeup if you want or you can take the plunge and have them tattooed in. It sounds extreme but the technology we have today gives it an each-individual-hair realistic look.

And that is just eyebrows. People have tattooed eyeliner on, lip liner on and more. The question becomes, how desirable is more permanent makeup? Do we want makeup that will last days or months on end or is the joy of makeup that it can be removed and we can start afresh tomorrow?

These ideas have planted and taken root in the cosmetic industry, in the form of stains. Lip stains promise to last all day, and now there are eyebrow stains too. Eyebrow stains have become the most semi-permanent option we have so far, and are relatively user-friendly. You apply the stain like you are painting yourself some eyebrows, let it dry, and then peel off the remaining layer.

 The look it creates may not be for everyone, but the ingenuity of the cosmetic industry experimenting with makeup that promises to last longer speaks volumes about what makeup can do for us as a consumer. And with that, comes the empowering responsibility of considering what we want our makeup to be and letting the industry know.