Is Shopping Harder Now?

There are more ways to get new clothes than ever before. Whether you want to shop online and have it shipped to your doorstep, go thrifting and score a unique and cheap find, explore boutiques or even outlets and malls—there is an endless variety of styles, prices and shopping experiences waiting for you.


Well if there are so many options, why does shopping feel so difficult?


Besides the possibility that retailing is failing (a topic for a much longer blog) and that there appears to be less merchandise stocked in store, there are several reasons why shopping may be less desirable in today’s world.


Shopping alone is a different experience than shopping with a friend, for starters. When we do have the opportunity to shop with a friend, it can be exciting and encouraging to have their opinion and energy to rely on. But when you need an item and don’t have someone to go with, that unmet expectation might be enough to defer the shopping experience for another time or perhaps put it off indefinitely. If you don’t find yourself affected by the people you do or don’t shop with, then that fun factor might be affected in other ways. Is trying on clothes fun or emotionally taxing for you? Does your energy dwindle the longer you look? Is your personal style not trending and therefore difficult to find? If you resonate with any of these questions, then it is realistic that the shopping experience in store can be difficult for you, and the more uncomfortable it is—and the less fun we have—the more we might catch ourselves wondering just how important trying things on in-store still is these days.


And if you opt to shop online instead, you may have encountered certain shopping-woes as well. How many times have you misjudged (or not known) what the fabric would look and feel like? Have you ever found the measurement guidelines confusing or incorrect? What makes a site look trust-worthy to you, and how many returns do you make before you give up on a brand completely?


Even with all the ease and convenience  and options these days, shopping online or in store can be troubling and dissatisfying. Maybe we are near the end of retail as we know it—maybe we are on the cusp of something new!


What do you think?