It's Time To Buy Into Coconut Oil Posted on 25 Feb 10:17

Coconut oil is a miracle worker and it’s time to buy into it. It is not exactly new, but it is revolutionary in its multipurpose properties. If you don’t already have a jar in your kitchen and in your bathroom, you’ll probably be heading to the store after finishing this article and we don’t blame you.


Coconut oil is a tropical oil grown in frost-free climates found across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific region. It is often made using complex “wet” or “dry” techniques that extract the oil from the meat of the fruit, and therefore the quality of the oil sold is dependent heavily on the method of production chosen. The two basic types of coconut oil include hydrogenated and virgin coconut oil; hydrogenated coconut oil is the highly processed version which is known to have saturated fats, and organic virgin coconut oil on the other-hand is the naturally-processed version with more of the well-known health benefits. Virgin coconut oil won’t raise cholesterol levels or contribute to heart disease when ingested, and due to the type of fatty acid chain that makes up virgin coconut oil, it is designed to be more efficient at fat burning.


It is important to note the differences in coconut oils available on the market, because it affects the performance and desirability of the products you might want to buy. Opting for a naturally-processed coconut oil ensures you will reap the benefits of this amazing multi-purpose oil.


And just what are these benefits? Well the list of uses has only grown since it became popular in the mid-twentieth century. In the realm of beauty, coconut oil is a great hair and skin moisturizer. Due to the nature of the oil, which is solid at low temperatures and melts to a liquid in warmer temperatures, for most beauty-related uses (like using it as a moisturizing oil) you will need to warm it up with your body heat first. Coconut oil warmed up into a liquid can be massaged into the ends of your hair for an easy DIY hair-repairing mask, or even placed liberally onto the scalp to suffocate and kill pesky lice. Also after warming up, you can massage it onto your face and rinse it off to remove makeup. The uses can be listed on and on; there are accounts of people using it as a makeup primer, a natural sunscreen, and to oil-pull for whiter teeth too.


And when picking up that jar to store in your bathroom, don’t forget to get one for your kitchen too. It’s perfect for cooking and frying savory dishes, as well as being used as a fat substitute in baking sweet treats.


However you plan to use coconut oil, the product is worth being on your radar and testing out the benefits for yourself. Let us know on our social media platforms the unique uses you have found for coconut oil!