Luxurious Picnics To Wow Your Date

If planned right, a picnic can be the best date venue! The key to success is in the planning. Picnics can be quite decadent with wine, cheese and fancy finger foods. A couple can really connect in the peaceful stillness of nature rather than amid a loud and busy restaurant. To help you really connect, here are ideas to help you make a beautiful date out of a picnic.

Location, location, location
Summer is in high swing so setting up a lovely picnic among beautiful landscape is the first step. Spend some time thinking about a picturesque place in your local area. It could be surfside or on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean, lake or river. If you have a water feature near, this adds an extra benefit to dining al fresco. Finding a romantic spot for the two of you to enjoy will set the stage for a romantic outing to enjoy.

On the menu
Preparing food for a picnic can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Cold food is preferable as warm food cools too quickly and is not so tasty cold.

Have a chilled bottle of wine ready to go...something cool and crisp.

Once the wine is opened, begin with an appetizer that isn't messy and easy to eat. Think finger foods, and that should help. For example, slice up a French baguette before you leave the house paired with Brie and smoked trout makes for a delicious appetizer.

For the main entree think about what would be tasty as well as easy to eat without silverware. Once again, think finger foods.

Dessert can be more refreshing or more decadent. Cut up watermelon with toothpicks are fun to chocolate covered strawberries to cookies. Hopefully you know enough about your date so you choose foods that you know she enjoys.

How to pack for the picnic
Make sure to bring:

  • Trash bag for easy clean up
  • Plates and utensils if needed
  • Lots of napkins and wipes are nice too!
  • Glasses for wine
  • Water
  • Chairs and a blanket for comfort
  • Sweatshirt in case it gets cold
  • Portable speaker for music is a must!

If you are not a cook, find a local deli or upscale grocery store to help plan for a perfect picnic date!