Makeup Budgeting Posted on 03 Jun 09:36

When you love makeup as much as we do, it can take some careful planning not to go bankrupt in Sephora. Whether trying out new products is your passion, building your makeup collection is your pride and joy, or simply restocking products you’ve used up and run out of is a priority of yours, figuring out how to finance your makeup haul is a necessary evil.


Here are a few different ways to beautify while staying bank-savvy:


Monthly subscriptions: The neat thing about a monthly subscription (other than getting new products every month) is that the bill becomes a factored-in cost. You know how much it costs every single month, and you can treat it like paying your water and electric bill. And there are tons of options these days, ranging in price and the specific products they offer. There are well-known companies like Ipsy, which gives you a box of beauty product samples every month, but there are also brands that offer things like a box of shaving and grooming supplies for men! The sticky thing is those of us that need our budget to include more than a box of new goodies—such as replacing our everyday foundation, deodorant, and favorite shampoo.


Set aside a fund: Which is where setting aside a specific fund for beauty comes in handy. If you don’t want to subscribe to a monthly subscription, setting aside a portion of your income monthly can still be a great idea. The terms are up to you; how much you set aside, what to spend it on, whether you keep the money in the bank or in cash, and so on. But the idea of setting aside money that doesn’t go towards bills or savings each month and putting it into a broad category of “fun spending” (or even more specifically crunching numbers and giving yourself a specific amount you can spend each month on beauty buys without feeling guilty) helps you stick to budget.


Ask for holiday gifts: And finally, if your money isn’t stretching far enough to feel comfortable setting aside a portion each month, why not ask for holiday gifts to be in the form of gift cards to your favorite beauty store! Or better yet, you can also ask for a specific product you’ve wanted to try out—it feels more like a gift, after all, for those people that always complain about giving “impersonal” gift cards.


No matter what you choose, you got this!