Makeup for The Girl Who Could Care Less About Makeup Posted on 15 Apr 13:16

We are assuming anyone who reads blogs on beauty is already interested in makeup and skincare—but you know what they say about people who assume! This article is for the girl who has never gravitated towards makeup and maybe by now is curious about it but doesn’t know where to start. We have the tips for what should be in your starter kit and where to find help creating looks with those products!


The basic products you should have on hand are as follows: a simple brush set, foundation (or concealer), mascara, one eyeshadow palette and either a bronzer that works with your skin tone or a blush!


Which brands or hues of these products you choose, is completely up to you. But this range of products is comprehensive enough to give you versatile results without having to invest in too many products.


A simple brush set is any brush set that will have a range of sizes and shapes in the bristles. Look for smaller brushes (for the eyes) and larger brushes (for the face). Your foundation should take into consideration your skin type; if you have oily skin look for a matte finish, and if you have dry skin look for a moisturizing foundation in your skin tone. It’s always best to swatch near some natural light if possible, so you can correctly guess the color and tone! If you have wonderful skin with the occasional blemish or discoloration—or just like your skin au natural—then opt for a concealer that can cover just the spots you want. Mascara is great for bringing more attention to the eyes when you want it, and it comes in an endless amount of different formulas, colors, and styles (don’t worry, you can’t really go wrong, just make sure to change it regularly so it doesn’t get clumpy and dry). Your eyeshadow palette can be composed of seriously any colors you like, and can be any size you want. There are palettes with 50 colors and palettes with three. What you should be looking for is one with a range of colors from light to dark, because this will be easier for you to discern which shades are for “daytime” looks and which are for “night time” looks. And lastly, get yourself a bronzer or blush or both! Either will add definition to your facial plane, by breaking up a flat tone with purposefully-placed color.  


Once you have the basics in your makeup bag, you can tailor the use of each to get the look you want to achieve. Consider what your purpose is with makeup; it can really enhance your features, help you feel more made-up for a special event, or anything in between! If you know WHY you want to wear makeup, it will be that much easier to choose how to apply it.


And even if you don’t like wearing makeup every day, it can be valuable to know how to put it on. Don’t let a fear of makeup or not knowing how to put it on stop you from enjoying it if you do have the desire to wear it. There are more resources available than ever before for learning how to apply each and every product. If you are a visual learner, check out Youtube tutorials for step-by-step examples, or ask to get ready with your friends so you can watch how they apply it! The options are endless and lots of fun, so dig in.