Makeup You Can Sweat In

I’ve personally always felt more pumped up to get in a hearty workout when I feel good about how I look, and I know I can’t be alone in this philosophy. We all exercise for different reasons, and whether we are working out to train, improve our health, or change our appearance, sometimes we just need that little boost of confidence that makeup can give us to get us out the door and into the gym.


If you want to wear makeup that you won’t have to worry about while working out—makeup that won’t clog your pores or look too noticeable, we have some tips for you.


The better the ingredients in your foundation, the better you’re going to feel about wearing it while working out. If you choose an all-natural foundation (or BB cream or concealer), the less you will have to worry about it aggravating your skin as you move, sweat and wear it out, because the ingredients are designed to co-exist with your skin. But if you don’t care to rock all-natural brands, at least look for foundations that are “non-comedogenic” so there’s less chance of it clogging your pores.


You can tailor the coverage and type of face makeup to suit your needs as well. Does redness bother you? Maybe go for the foundation or bb cream for all-over coverage. Or do you have just a few pimples and imperfections that bother you?? Then skip foundation and go straight for spot concealer to let your skin breathe as much as possible.


Aside from complexion-fixing makeup, for the rest of your desired look plan out what features you are interested in enhancing or creating. Tinted eyebrow gel can keep your brows colored and in place while sweating, for instance, but if you like full-glam eyebrows on regular basis then tinted gel might not be satisfying for you.


Eyes are probably best to skip overall—can you imagine how easy it’d be to get raccoon eyes when mindlessly wiping sweat from your face! But if you want more makeup regardless, we suggest a little highlight in the inner corner and waterproof mascara. Lips are easiest of them all. A lip gloss or tinted lip balm is the perfect re-apply-able product to give you oomph in a mess-free way—because you know you’re going to be drinking water and wiping a lot of it off anyways.


Most importantly, remember that it’s good for you! You’re most likely going to the gym or creating a workout because you wanted to do something nice and healthy for yourself. So don’t let how you look be more important than how you feel. Use the makeup that makes you feel best and forget the rest! You’re there to have fun and kick butt, go get it girl.