Meal-proof Makeup

It’s the holiday season!

If you are celebrating this year, chances are there are some magnificent meals in your future.

We’ve gotten that comfy but cute outfit down to a science after this year’s Thanksgiving, but sometimes coming up with the right makeup look can be a struggle!

If you are stuck wondering how you are going to create a meal-proof look, here are some of our tips:


When we are gathered with our family and friends and only have a little time off work or school, the idea of spending a lot of time putting on makeup is probably not as fun as partaking in festive activities.

So the first goal for many of us will be creating a look that takes little time. For a quick holiday look, think simplistically.

You can frame the face by devoting time to just three areas: the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

For an eyebrow product that does double-duty, consider using an eyebrow pomade which can tame and fill in brows at the same time.

Likewise, applying just false eyelashes (and a simple sweep of neutral cream eyeshadow) can give the illusion that you did a full eye look.

All day

We’ve mentioned primer and setting spray before, but it’s even more crucial on days that you plan on working your makeup overtime.

No matter what look you decided on or what type of skin you are starting with, these two steps are a must if you want your makeup to look the same after the meal as it did before.


Let’s talk mouth. You’ll be eating and drinking, so lip-wear is important. We want it to last, without rubbing off on our water glasses or loved ones. We here at Skin Pi have three different lip recommendations.

Level 1: go for a clear, moisturizing lip balm. It is easy to bring with you to reapply, and since it's clear, no one will be able to tell when its rubbed off.

Level 2: go for a lip stain. This is probably the most likely of the three options to stay on throughout the meal. It can be applied with fingers for a natural soft tint, or you can apply it with a thin angled brush for a defined pout.

And lastly, daring level 3: go for that bold red lip. If this is the makeup look that is calling your name, make sure you’re using a guaranteed long-wear brand.