Mixing & Matching

Finding the right foundation can feel like hitting the jackpot…perhaps because it’s almost that hard to find! Despite the credibility and ingenuity of a company, no single company can realistically create the perfect foundation for EVERYONE. There are so many barriers: correct color, correct tone, correct formula per skin type and then personal preferences like dewy or matte finishes. Even if a company dedicated their line to having every color possible available, it might still fall short in every other area.

Which brings us to a secret some know, and many others don’t: mixing and matching your foundations.

We want to be able to buy one foundation and call it a day but to get your perfect shade, to get the right amount of coverage and finish, you may need to mix products to suit your personal needs. Sometimes that’s as simple as choosing two shades from the same line and blending them together (which is also handy if you tan or pale seasonally and want your shade to match throughout the year). Other times the combination can be more complex as you mix high coverage and low coverage foundations, or foundations with different finishes.

If the idea of buying not one but two foundations at once to customize your own blend seems daunting, then don’t forget to take advantage of sample offers many reputable companies give. Buying a few small samples instead of investing in their full-size counterparts lets you test out the color, formula and results of each product in a budget-friendly way. These samples also come in handy if the products you are interested in are only sold in an online store, or if you are weary of the website’s shade swatches.  

If you’ve had some success with customizing your own shade and blends, let us here at Skin Pi know which combinations you’ve been loving. As always, giving feedback to the companies you buy from helps ensure that the products you want to see in stores get created!