Nail Care 101 Posted on 13 Feb 12:07

Whether you like your nails long and strong or short and shapely, nail care is important and necessary to getting and maintaining the nails you want. Paying attention to how your nails are looking and behaving can let you know how your body is doing internally too. Brittle nails for instance might mean some sort of vitamin deficiency like most of us believe, but it also could be due to something as simple as your nails lacking enough moisture.


Here are some tips to care for your bare nails:


Start by stocking up on your favorite nail care products. Here we mean cuticle creams, oils, essential oils, and nail-strengthening nail polishes which can all help grow, strengthen or protect your bare nails depending on which you get. I personally use and have found cuticle creams and dry oils to be particularly nourishing especially after I remove nail polish, which often leaves nails dry and vulnerable to breakage. In addition to moisturizing products, consider establishing a schedule of regular care. This can mean trimming, filing, clipping or buffing depending on your personal preference. It’s important to find the right balance of maintenance that works for you and your finger tips to ensure you don’t over-care or under-care for your nails.  


And here are some tips for your best manicure:


Top coat, top coat, top coat. I’ve learned this the hard way over many, many years of watching my nail polish chip off the same day I applied it. The top coat seals in and protects colored polish from chipping. If you are into doing your own nails at home, I highly recommend investing in a top coat polish that speaks to you. Similarly, it is probably worth it to apply nail strengthening coat before you apply a color polish. Yes, it makes painting your nails more laborious and lengthy, but you can rest easy knowing your nails will last longer and feel healthier whether you have polish on or not.


If your top coat isn’t of an “instant-dry” variety (It should be!), then a popular cult myth for getting your nails touch-friendly, quickly, is to dip your freshly painted fingers into ice water.


Let us know which tip you liked best!