NYE Glitter for Any Age

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to get festive and glittery!

Here are some typical age-appropriate glittery looks you can put together (but feel free to choose the one that speaks to you the most!)

For the pre-teen or natural girl: Shiny lip gloss is a makeup staple no matter what season it is, but around NYE, shiny or glittery lip glosses are the perfect option for those of us that want a more subtle look that’s easy to reapply.

Try out some trendy holographic and reflective lip glosses if that floats your boat.

For the makeup-junkie teen: New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try out a glittery cat-eye.

Apply a thick band of black eyeliner with an extended flick, and layer a line of your favorite glittery liquid eyeliner above the black for a defined lash line and a bold glittery look.

 For the 20-somethings getting ready for a night out: Highlight was super popular in 2016, so why not end the year appropriately by wearing your favorite highlight!

Apply a liquid highlight to the tops of your cheekbones and set it with a powder to ensure it stays on all night as you celebrate.

Bonus: apply body shimmer to your legs, collar bones and décolletage for a look that stands out.

For the multi-tasking 30+s: Glittery hair accessories are a fuss-free way to add shine to your outfit without taking up time.

It can keep your hair out of your face when doing sparklers with kids or dancing the night away.

It is simple, easy, and works whether you want to be dressed up or dressed down.

For the mature gals: For a look that can easily last from the holidays through New Year’s, try out glitter nail polish.

You can pamper yourself by getting them done professionally, or do them yourself at your own convenience!