Pack Your Bags This Summer

If you are fortunate enough to plan some traveling during your summer vacation or summer months, the last thing that should stress you out is how you will pack all your things.

Focus on the fun by being prepared with these pro-packing tips!


The best bags for carry-ons:

Choosing the right bag is an essential first step (if you don’t already have one). Keep in mind that most airlines allow you to carry on two bags: one “personal” item such as a purse and one item that must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin space. Similarly, look up and adhere to the bag dimension restrictions especially on international airline flights. Knowing the rules beforehand will help you avoid a stressful journey.


Some bag features you may want to look for in a suitcase include wheels that rotate 360 degrees for ease navigating airports, expanding suitcases that utilize a hidden zipper to create more room when necessary, and a suitcase with diverse straps that can convert your bag into a duffle or a backpack too.


Folding vs. rolling techniques:  

After choosing your bag, consider the most efficient way to arrange your clothes and toiletries. There is a debate on the benefits of rolling over folding, or folding over rolling, and I can say that both can be effective it just depends on your needs. Consider the bulk of the clothes you a bringing; if you are bringing mostly simple day-to-day t-shirts, rolling them spares you wrinkles and saves you space. But if you are packing a work wardrobe, folding your items similar to how they would be folded on display in a store is the best option for keeping your clothes crisp and orderly.


If you want to make sure you don’t have any wrinkles on your trip, bring along a portable clothes steamer and the necessary outlet converter. Also keep your clothes clean by wrapping your workout or hiking shoes in a plastic bag if you are traveling in rainy weather. And lastly, organize your clothes into travel cube sets if your suitcase has a less-than-desirable amount of pockets and compartments.  


Money belt alternatives:

Wearing a money belt on your vacation can give you the extra layer of security you need to have a worry-free trip. The point of the money belt is to conceal some money and important documents somewhere on your person so you have what you need if your purse or wallet is stolen. A traditional money belt looks like a little fabric pouch with a belt-like strap that is worn around the waist underneath your shirt and pants, but there are alternatives as well.


If you prefer, you can wear a pouch that hangs from the neck like a necklace or lanyard, underneath your shirt. You can also wear a wristband pouch that is a couple inches long but can conceal paper currency inconspicuously under cold-weather clothing. And if you wear bras, you can also conceal money or a folded document by slipping it into the openings on either side of a bra with removable padding.


Pampering Abroad:

And finally, your vacation should of course be enjoyable. And that is why you should pack some pampering essentials. Take a pack of Skin Pi’s “BeU” Miracle Moisture Detox Sheet Masks for in-flight rehydration and skin-detoxing. Also bring your favorite shampoo and conditioner in a reusable travel-size container so that you never have to chance a bad hair day abroad. And consider using a sample size of a new perfume for your trip so that whenever you smell the scent again, you will be reminded distinctly of where you have been and all the fun memories you made.