Preparing For Date Night

Preparing For Date Night

Date night! How to look and feel your best for an evening out on the town!

Preparation is key to eliminate the nervousness in how to look your very best so you can look forward to the outing ahead instead of worrying.

Tips for accentuating your beauty for the date night that lies ahead

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that the way you look on a first, second or seventh date should not be the only thing you’re worried about. Of course, you want to look and feel pretty, but whoever you’re going on this date with should not be solely taking your looks into consideration. With that said you can still have fun in getting ready.

Invest in a quality mask

Begin with a mask the evening prior to the big night. A mask leaves your skin glowing, and you just can't feel more beautiful the day after using a quality mask.

Bath Time

You feel the freshest after a good shower. Shave to provide touchable skin is a huge confidence booster. Use a moisturizing shave cream to provide a soft finish to your skin.

Following your luxurious shower, apply a light layer of moisturizer everywhere you shaved, as well as the rest of your body. Choose a moisturizer that doesn't have a heavy aroma. It is best to use a light and fresh product.

Play music

Music playing in the background as you are getting ready is a necessity. Play your favorite music that gets you excited about the evening ahead.

Avoid heavy lipstick

Worrying if there’s lipstick on your teeth all night is the last thing you want to do while on a date. Wear a simple lip balm or gloss that won’t get everywhere. Your lips will still look moisturized and pretty without looking like too much.

Lashes to accentuate your eyes

Nothing is more feminine and pretty than beautiful, long lashes. Instead of doing an intense smoky eye or a bold lip, make your lashes the focal point of your look.

By applying an extra coat of mascara along with some light shimmery eyeshadow, and your eyes will stand out gorgeously.

Let's talk hair

There is no better way to complete your look with soft curls or waves. Truly, they look pretty on everyone.

You don't have to go all out, but create effortless curls with a wand to create a pretty and flowing look. No better way to look and feel pretty than by adding some curl to your hair.

Finish your ensemble with just the right outfit for the planned date without going overboard as well as adding a few spritzes of a light and airy perfume to make for a complete look and feel.