Skincare: Back To Basics Posted on 03 Jul 19:25

Skincare can seem overwhelming, especially when infographic guides to skincare are something like 12 steps long! Such guides can lead us to believe that the more products we use, the better our skin will appear. But skin is delicate and complicated; each of our unique skin types require different products and methods to create or maintain healthy skin. So if you are using 12 different products it will be hard to pinpoint what is causing a skin dilemma when one arises.


Sometimes going back to basics can be what your skin is craving the most.


If you’re looking to eliminate any unnecessary and unhelpful steps, here is a simple and quick skincare regimen that can serve as the foundation to your most healthy skin. From there, if you find your skin lacking something, then you can add extra steps to your routine such as masks, serums, toners or lotions that address your specific needs.

Step One: Remove It

This is such a critical step to healthy skin. Neglecting to remove your makeup at the end of the day can increase your exposure to free radicals that leads to collagen breakdown, causing the skin to age faster.

Compounding the issue, makeup left on overnight can make the skin dryer too; the left-on makeup creates a barrier that prevents any beneficial moisturizer you put on the next morning from penetrating the skin's surface.

There are endless options for removing your makeup, so there is no reason to skip the step! If you have the time, opt for an oil-based product to remove all the makeup from your face and leave your skin ready for the benefits of the rest of your regimen. And if you are short on time, or tired from a long day or night out, simply using a makeup remover wipe is better than nothing!

Step Two: Cleanse It

After the preliminary step of removing your makeup, you should still cleanse the skin. Often times one wash is just enough to take off the makeup, not to get deep into the pores and cleanse the skin. For this step, avoid using harsh soaps that can strip your skin and dry it out. Try a gentle cleanser that is close to the skin's natural 5.5 pH, which will remove all excess impurities from your skin and prepare it for the final step.

Step Three: Moisturize It

Once your skin is clean, it is ready to regain some moisture! It is important to moisturize to replenish any natural oils you may have lost throughout the day (and through cleansing), especially in the cold, dry winter months.

Make sure to apply your simple moisturizing lotion in upward strokes to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. The goal is to keep your skin supple and well protected.


These three steps are the foundation of a simplistic and healthy skincare routine. Once your skin has adjusted to this minimalist regimen, analyze the natural condition of your skin and add in any other products or steps slowly, one at a time, to remedy the quality of your skin when needed.