Skincare Secrets Posted on 03 May 09:49

No time for a spray tan? That's alright!

Mix a few pumps of liquid bronzer with regular body lotion. Spread evenly over legs for a gradual dose of beautiful, beachy color.


Chapped lips? Exfoliate!

That's right. Lips need GENTLE exfoliation to treat and effectively remove dry skin. Put a small amount of petroleum jelly on a very soft toothbrush and scrub gently in a circular motion to remove old skin and moisturize at the same time. Raw sugar will also do the trick if you don't have a soft enough toothbrush to use.


Acquiring Crow's Feet? Try this!

Invest in a pair of large sunglasses and the best part is that you can look fashionable too!  They will give you an instant glam look while blocking the sun from your delicate eye area. Most importantly, make sure they offer UV protection.


Has your face lost its glow? If so, mask away! And, on a regular basis too.

Dull and lackluster skin can be instantly transformed by a high quality facial mask of activated charcoal. There are also brightening, hydrating and anti-aging masks to help rejuvenate your skin. You won't believe the difference regular masking will make to your appearance. Go ahead... give it a whirl. Your skin will thank you!


Your skin continues to breakout in blemishes. Try this.

It's a little more laundry, but it will be worth it when you see the difference.

Change your pillowcase EVERY night. Yes. Every night, and the results will astound you. Hair products, oil, and leftover makeup all soil your pillow and can cause you to break out—especially if you have sensitive skin prone to breakouts.  You will be one step closer to clearer skin if you are diligent in sleeping on a fresh pillowcase each night.


Using regular washcloths?

Try a microfiber washcloth that will grip the skin in ways a normal washcloth cannot to remove dead skin cells. You can find these at your local drugstore or beauty website. They will leave your face looking fresh!


Hope you enjoyed some of our top skincare secrets!