Spring Beauty Trends

Spring is here, and it may or may not feel like it in your town. But whether your weather is just about freezing or warming up nicely, it’s never a bad idea to psych yourself up for all to come. We have some spring trend news and ideas to try out, to get yourself feeling fresh and in bloom this season.


Typically, when we think of spring fashion and makeup trends, we think pastel. We think fresh skin and paled colors, anything that is reminiscent of springtime nature. But this year, on the runway we are seeing a bolder look both in makeup and fashion. On the face, we are seeing purposefully-placed pops of color—whether that is a bright lip, a bold swatch of color on the eyes or rather noticeable blush. And the clothes are measuring up too—bold yellows and heavy on the stripes.


These same trends are filtering into more “wearable” looks created by the beauty influencers we follow. As we hit both spring and festival season, we are seeing more colorfully adventurous looks and brighter lips. We are likewise seeing the launches of palettes with bolder colors like yellows and greens, as opposed to the beloved nude palettes we were used to last year. But even the beauty gurus are using their pops of color carefully and purposefully, balancing the color out on the face so the color comes off as eye-catching and fresh as opposed to chaotic.  


Our springtime beauty suggestion? Dive into the blush trend. The placement and intensity of blush seen on the runway this season is bolder than anything we’ve done in decades. It is a fun new take on what makeup can be and do for us as a consumer, and we love that refreshing change! Let us know how you are wearing your blush this season!