Spring Cleaning Posted on 08 May 18:31

Spring cleaning isn’t complete without going through our closets, right? If you have been considering weeding through your closet but have put it off thus far, your procrastination has paid off because we have the tips to help your organizing effort go smoothly!


There are three main steps to cleaning through the clutter:


One: Section it off!

There are many different reasons we might not like what’s in our closets, and therefore putting them in piles based on their “type” can help you push through the cleaning process. Some suggestions of “types” include:


  1. Clothing items that give you a sense of guilt when you look at them (i.e. a gift from someone that you never will wear).
  2. Clothing items that don’t fit. This can be either they are too big and you are holding onto them in case you will ever need them again, or too small and you are holding onto them hoping to fit into them one day. Both of these can contribute to an unhealthy mentality around clothes and your body image!
  3. Clothing items that don’t bring you joy. I have noticed in myself that I am much happier and much more inclined to see friends, talk with strangers and linger in public longer when I am happy with how I am dressed. And this may be the case for you too! If your closet is filled with clothes that you aren’t happy to wear, just think about how that will affect your mood every day (and how much of a struggle getting dressed in the morning is).


Two: Decide where they go

After you have grouped them and said your tearful goodbyes or skipped down the hallway singing that you won’t have to see this clothes ever again—it is time to put them in bags or boxes and decide what you want to do with them.


There are. so. many. options.


If you would like to sell them and hopefully make a little money back on your purchase, there is the tried-and-true garage sale, or many, many platforms online you should take advantage of to put your garment details and pictures up on to find out who is interested in buying them off you.


If you don’t particularly care to earn any money back, there are many ways of donating your clothes as well. My favorite place to start is to see if there are friends (or neighbors!) that are interested in the clothes. If your friends have ever complimented you on a garment and it is one you are planning on getting rid of, why not spread the love and give it to someone who really likes it? And if your friends are not the same size, another great way to donate is to bring the clothes to your local charity shop, Goodwill or consignment store.


Three: When you aren’t ready to let go

It’s okay if you aren’t ready to let the clothes go. Kudos to you for actually going through with sorting your clothes and taking the time to reflect on what you do and don’t need or want in your closet.


If after you have sorted it all, you read those donating and selling options and thought, “no way, I can’t give them away yet”, well we have an optional last step—close up those boxes or bags, label them with a date (of your choosing) a few months from now, and put them out of sight. The plan is, is that if you haven’t reached into that bag to fish out a garment in between now and then, then you can rest assured that you truly did not think of it, miss it, want it, or need it. You can let it go. Take it to your choice of donation place on the date you wrote down, and feel proud of yourself for not only letting go, but spreading a little bit of happiness to someone else who will be ecstatic to find your clothes.


Cheers to you, and your clean, clean closet.