Styling Short Hair: Tips & Tricks Posted on 11 Mar 20:51

Short, rocker-chic bobs and bangs are supposed to be a hot trend in hair this year, and if you feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon you may want a few styles in your bag-of-tricks for those days when your short hair just won’t cooperate.


The faux bun: If your hairdo is shorter than your chin, chances are any sort of bun or ponytail is just out of the question. For those of you with chin-to-shoulder length hair, a bun is hard but not impossible. Start by bending over and letting your hair hang down, and use that gravity to pull up as much hair as possible, as high on top of your head as possible (don’t worry if a lot in the back is too short and falls down). Form a bun by creating a ponytail but at the last wrap of the hair tie, don’t pull your hair through. Adjust the bun with bobby pins for a clean and refined look, or pull out front hair pieces for whispy bangs and a disheveled look. As for those pieces that fell down in the back? Group them in section and bobby pin them upwards to give off the illusion of a seamless bun.


French braids: Whether your hair can handle two French braids or a single braid down the middle largely depends on the length of the hair you are working with. Choose your desired style, and start by sectioning that area into three parts. Braid down the back of the head as tightly as you can, even if you like a loose braid look—because trust us, a braid from short hair will loosen up anyways! Once you finish the braid it may be a quite thin and little section, so use a tiny elastic to secure it together. If you don’t like the look of the tiny ponytail at the end, and your braid ends pretty closely to your scalp, then flip that tiny pony upwards and pin it into the braid using some bobby pins. For extra hold, lock it all in with hair spray.


Ultra-textured: Lastly and perhaps easiest, you can give your short hairdo some instant style by adding texture and volume. This look suits day old hair and fresh hair alike. Start by adding some curls with a curling wand or other tool—whatever you prefer—holding each section on the wand for a minimal amount of time. Shake out and adjust each curl for a wavy look, and after you’ve completed your whole head, add in some dry shampoo and texture spray for volume and oomph.