Summer Beauty Essentials To Get Now

It’s nearly June! And you know what that means—summer weather! If you haven’t already stocked up on your beauty essentials, here are some must-haves to have on hand!


Skincare is important year round, but what products we reach for change. In summer weather, we often opt for lighter formulations, with sun damage-correcting ingredients and promises of giving us glowing, fresh skin. Products that can help us achieve that include face mists and face masks! Whether your budget is Walmart or Gucci or anywhere in between, there are effective products on the market to fit your needs. A face mist we are dying to try out is Pixi by Petra’s Sun Mist, which has Chamomile and Bamboo Extracts as well as SPF 30, and is meant for combination skin! And a great face mask to try out if you want to wake up with glowing skin is Fresh’s Rose Face Mask, which uses rose petals and rosewater to hydrate, tone and soothe the skin.


If you are paying attention to your skincare, you cannot forget sun care. Treating the skin is helpful but preventative measures are even smarter. Making sure you apply a sunscreen (SPF) that works for you, is important—and that goes for your whole body not just your face! Common areas we forget are the ears, scalp, lips and feet. You can also opt for a lip balm with built in SPF sun protection, as well as many daily moisturizers that offer the same convenience.


Many of us still wear makeup in the summer, even if it’s “lighter” in application or appearance. If you want to look pulled together in a summery, beachy way, try out some of these little tips and tricks:


Sea salt sprays can give your hair an effortless wave or beachy texture if that’s what you like. A cult classic is Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray, available in many stores such as Sephora. Similarly, for a “I spent the day at the beach instead of the office” look (that is also sun-safe), try out fake freckles or blush across the bridge of the nose. I know it was quite trendy recently and trendy doesn’t appeal to everybody, but the underlying knowledge behind the tip is useful. Adding blush or faux freckles or even bronzer all give off the illusion of time in the sun, and the placement is equally important; remember, sun shows up most prominently on the high points of our face first, which are often the bridge of the nose, the forehead and cheekbones, which is why bronzer, freckles or blush in those areas gives off the illusion of having been in the sun.


For all-over sunny skin instead of just the face, try out a safe self-tanner. There are a large variety of formulas, one of which is bound to work for your skin type. Check out our blog on self-tanners for more in-depth tips!


And lastly, for makeup that can hold up in summer weather, opt for long-lasting, shine-free and waterproof options. Many brands offer waterproof mascara, for instance, which you will be thankful you are wearing when you do get away from the office long enough to go to the beach!