Take Off With Your Best Skin

It is spring, and for many that might hint at opportunities to travel in the near future. Whether your travel is for work or pleasure, we all are faced with the same atmospheric struggles on our plane flights. The conditions of planes are infamous for dehydrating the skin, so if you want to land with the same fresh skin you took off in, keep on reading for our tried-and-true tips.


Before the plane focus on hydrating internally and externally. The night before or the morning of, wear a moisturizing face mask to prep and plump the skin as much as possible prior to the flight. Follow up with your routine skincare, making sure to include moisturizer even if you applied the moisturizing mask in the morning. If you like or need to wear makeup on the plane, choose products that do not tend to cake or settle into fine lines, which can be exaggerated on a flight from the dehydrating environment. One way to accomplish this would be to your foundation with a moisturizer in a 50:50 ratio, and bring a tinted pressed powder compact for touch ups and to blot any shine after you land. This combination is likely to help keep the skin fresh and moisturized on the flight but let you add coverage and control shine after you land.  


On the plane make sure to drink as much water as you can. Bringing with you an empty, reusable water bottle through security, and filling it up at the airport will make it easier for you to drink much more water on the flight than just what you can get from the drink service on board. And your body really needs it!

If you do not wear makeup on the plane and didn’t opt for the face mask the night before, then during the plane flight might actually be the perfect time for a quick sheet mask. You may feel a little silly, but there are tons of mess-free options that give your skin a quick pick-me-up while on board. But please be courteous of scented masks—the smell of some might bother those around you.


After your flight make sure to take care of your body’s needs and return to a schedule—meaning eating and drinking well, and getting some sleep. Keep your hands clean and keep them away from your face, especially right after the flight as your skin is readjusting to the atmosphere and environmental change.  


Safe travels!