The All-Natural Makeup Stigma Posted on 20 Jan 13:36

It seems to be a general theme in this line of business, that natural makeup products are created by individuals who are already aware of the potentially hazardous ingredients used in makeup, and want to offer us an alternative.

And yet, natural and plant-based makeup lines are far less numerous in the United States despite tests done that reveal the truth of common ingredients. Is this a case of “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”, or are the good intentions lost in a consumer market driven by following trends? 

Natural makeup in my opinion sometimes takes on a reputation of being more amateur, maybe “not as good”, not as high fashion nor as sought after.

Or even more so, natural makeup can be stigmatized as being appealing to “hippie” individuals, which—when we don’t count ourselves in that stereotype, can dissuade us from buying it.

However, in our current digital age, hearty information is available to us almost universally.

We have the capacity to know which brands spout “natural” claims, which measure up, and what exactly the scientific ingredient names mean.

Despite being more aware of what’s in our makeup than ever before, it’s hard to care.

Our current perception of beauty is tied closely to following trends; we want to be in fashion, not have timeless looks. We prefer makeup that will be praised when we upload the photo, instead of makeup that might help us age better over time.

And yet, I humbly suggest that natural makeup brands still deserve your attention. Your skin is your largest organ.

Although an incredible filter, it is not impermeable. Your skin takes in what it interacts with, and that includes the soap you rinse with, the lotion you moisturize with, the skincare you dabble in and the makeup you religiously apply.

Makeup is here for you to use as you like—and that includes which brands and products you support with your purchasing power.

If you have not previously considered natural makeup products, give it some consideration. If makeup artists who have spent their lives in the fashion industry have turned to natural makeup or started their own natural makeup lines, shouldn’t that say enough?