The Alternative Beauty Scene

Each year, new products fill our shelves and tempt us to try something a bit unusual.

Right now, charcoal is in so many of our beauty products that we don’t think twice about it.

If our face masks DON’T have charcoal in it, it feels blasphemous.

But at its inception, the idea of putting something we use to grill burgers on our face was probably pure lunacy.

Wild beauty inventions don’t stop there though; we’ve added snails to products for their calming and anti- inflammatory properties, we’ve developed manual shields to protect our under eyes from mascara and shadow fall out, and we’ve even developed ways to remove hairs from our face using only thread.

Just how innovative is too extreme?

In 2015 there was a “revolutionary” ingrown toenail solution in the form of gadget called Makizume Robo Ingrown Toenail Fixer that hit the market.

Think of a little wine bottle opener for your ingrown toenail and you’ve gotten the picture.

How it works is the small hooks on each side of a central crank attach to the edges of your nail, and as you crank the device, it bends the curved nail to make it flatter. All supposedly correcting your nail in just half an hour.

This device and its effects can be seen online in videos that have already gotten hundreds of thousands views each, leaving quite an impression on the viewer to say the least.  

 Obviously with all new types of products that come to market, it is always prudent to use your best judgment.

If tempted to try something new, try it with caution and at your own risk.

Sometimes new ideas toe the line (ba dum tss) between innovative and absurd—but so many things we enjoy today came from an unheard of idea at the time.

Our willingness to combine technology advancements with our ever-expanding idea of beauty is how we get great new products and new results.

We here at Skin Pi would love to know what new beauty tools intrigue you and which you think have crossed the line.

We love staying abreast of beauty innovations and are always looking to add products to our line that foster creativity.

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