The Look That Will Make You Stand Out In Photos

Social media has saturated our world—how many of us can’t even name all of our phone apps off the top of our head? When you choose to get involved in social media, a sense of self is often tied to the posts we make and the buzz it creates, causing us to want to post the best content possible for the best possible feelings. If you’ve hit a road block with your posts or if you feel like your look isn’t standing out in your photos, we have some advice to consider to get you re-inspired.  


If you are deciding on your look prior to the picture, perfect what you want to perfect—in moderation. If you have blemishes or dark under-eyes you want to conceal, a hairline you want to fill in, eyebrows you want to accentuate—whatever the feature is, address it so you can shine with confidence in the photo but let go of the need to perfect every aspect. And this goes for Photoshop as well; Photoshop is a wonderful tool that is easy to over-use. Consider using it for adding interest to the composition of the photo, playing with the light, or altering the sharpness or blurriness of specific details in order to bring more attention to your face or look. The goal here should be to use your makeup and Photoshop as a tool to bring forth the confidence or emotion or overall result you want out of the photo you are setting up.


On a related note to confidence in social media, one really important thing to discuss when talking about social media makeup and photos, is how you feel about following makeup on trend at the moment. It’s not surprising how much we may feel drawn to and compelled to style ourselves in whatever fashion is trending because it’s generally well-received, meaning some instant likes. If you don’t admire the current trends in general or on yourself, this can oftentimes create some internal conflict. So decide for yourself where you stand on this matter; if you love the current trendy makeup looks why not embrace it and display it in your photos! And if you don’t like the current looks, then as hard as it may be, don’t feel pressured to follow the herd. Wearing your makeup however you want regardless of if it’s on trend, believe it or not, will give your photo the authenticity and allure that viewers value.


Lastly, to add more visual interest to your photo, try coordinating your makeup with your outfit or another feature in the photo. Want to wear a red lip? Put that same shade red somewhere else in the photo (such as posing in front of a red wall, wearing red shoes, holding a red book). The brain associates the common colors as a “grouping”, bringing the eye’s attention to both objects and making them both stand out.


And when you’ve crafted your perfect photo, tag us in them! We’d love to see the look you created.