The Stunning Truth Behind Hemp Oil in Your Beauty Regime

“Greener” beauty has taken off in the cosmetic industry and for good reason- makeup artist powerhouses and beauty gurus alike have been sharing with us their inside scoop on how what we put ON our skin affects us on the inside too.

So what kind of ingredients should we be looking for exactly in our skincare and makeup products? Is anything TOO green?

 One green ingredient in particular that many of us may have left out of our makeup bags for its controversial appearance is hemp oil.

Hemp is like the less popular but much friendlier cousin to that other plant we legalized recently.

Except in hemp’s case, the oil derived from its seeds has been shown to deliver huge benefits to the skin and body without the high.

It is a powerful moisturizer, and chock-full of omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the skin and the redness in pesky acne.

It is touted as a “quick-drying” oil, leaving your skin looking natural on its own or underneath your makeup.

Researchers believe it to be safe to be ingested (in small quantities) or applied topically to the skin and hair, lending itself rather multi-functional.

This antibacterial gem has been making its beauty début in products such as soaps, hand creams, moisturizers, oil blotting papers and more by several different companies, yet it is slow to grow because of its controversial nature.

Although it does not contain the psychoactive THC that cannabis does, by being in the same plant genus as its cousin it retains the “guilty by association” feeling and consequently is kept out of the hands of many consumers.

 We here at Skin Pi think any safe and healthy ingredient developing a hype in the beauty world is worth some investigating.

4And we will soon have a hemp oil-infused skincare product for you to try out for yourselves so you can let us know if you think hemp is worth the hype!