To Mascara Or Not To Mascara, That Is The Question

Eyelashes bring attention to the eyes—which may or may not be why so many of us feel like our makeup is incomplete without mascara. Simply curling your lashes or applying mascara can change the vibe of your makeup and your overall look.


So, even though lashes will probably never go out of style, here is why you should consider if you need mascara or if you should go mascara-less (at least for a little while).


  1. What it does for your eye shape: Most of us have heard that applying mascara “opens” the eyes, by making lashes look darker and longer. It changes the shape and size of our eyes through this illusion, and can make the overall eye area seem bigger or more prominent in our face. It is for this reason that going without mascara is great for people with naturally long and curly lashes, who don’t want to overemphasize their eye size. Also, forgoing mascara is great for people with very short lashes too; applying false lashes instead is quick with practice and can look more realistic than several coats of mascara.


  1. What it might do for your eyes and eyelashes, health-wise: This is speculation, but it doesn’t hurt to give something a test-run if you have a passion for trying out new beauty products and techniques, or are simply curious. Consider how many eyelashes you lose while rubbing your eyes to get your makeup off. Do you feel that wearing mascara regularly is helpful for the growth and shape of your lashes, or not? If you are at all suspicious of the effect that wearing mascara may have on the health of your lashes over time, then consider giving your eyes a break and taking note of any changes you see.


  1. Give your eyes a break: Similarly, give your eyes a break because your eyes need a chance to rest up just as much as your skin does. Forgoing mascara means an easier and quicker time removing makeup at the end of the day. If removing your eye makeup is the part you dread the most, or if you notice you can never remove all the residue from your lash line, or even if you dislike the makeup removal process simply because its uncomfortable, then giving your eyes a break is just what you need.


  1. What it teaches you about makeup: Lastly, when you omit a step from your makeup regime, it makes you consider whether you need certain steps to feel “complete”. For instance, are there certain items more important to you than others in your makeup collection? Why? Are all the steps in your makeup process necessary—or do you do some steps simply because you think you’re supposed to? By trying out a makeup look that omits some steps or products, you get to decide for yourself what is actually important and impactful to you in your makeup process.